Updated Tiger Injury Status: Aims for US Open
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger on one leg

Don’t expect to see Tiger Woods at the Memorial Tournament in two weeks, but he’ll hopefully be healthy for the US Open at Congressional next month. Last Thursday on on his first tee shot at The Players Championship, Woods reinjured his left knee, which led to aggravation of his calf and Achilles tendon, but didn’t cause any new damage. The treatment plan? Rest. Via

Doctors have again advised rest, cold-water therapy and soft tissue treatment.

There is no definitive time frame for healing, but Woods will likely play in the U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club, June 16-19. It is doubtful he will compete in the Memorial Tournament while he undergoes rehabilitation and works on strengthening his leg. Playing prior to the U.S. Open will be a week-to-week decision.

Tiger endured the latest injury to his left knee and a mild strain to his Achilles tendon while hitting an awkward shot from the pine straw during the third round of last month’s Masters. Here’s a complete list of the wear and tear his body has experienced dating back to his Stanford days — it’s taken quite the beating. And those are only the injuries he’s disclosed to the public.

Before I was aware of Tiger’s website announcement, I saw his tweet: “Bummed that my left leg has me on the sidelines, but I want, and expect, to be at the US Open. Will do all I can to get there.”

Which seemed cryptic, but I interpreted it as meaning the earliest he’ll play again is the US Open. When Tiger says he’ll do all he can, it usually means he’ll be there, but who knows what to expect from him anymore. I don’t count on his missing a major, though. Heck, we watched him win the US Open at Torrey Pines on one leg! But he’s had another surgery on his knee since then. He’s three years older. And most important, this is post-hydrant-era Tiger.

It’s tough for us to discern how badly Tiger’s hurting, but for what it’s worth, let’s turn to former swing coach Hank Haney via Twitter [sic]:

Tiger’s knee is a much bigger issue than his coach RT @Scottyh28: @HankDHaney what do u thnk of O’hair splitting with foley? Tiger next?

While Tiger’s no longer dominating golf and defying human abilities, he’s more intriguing to track than during the pre-hydrant era. It’s a game of “What-Will-He-Do-Next?” Even when he was achieving the unbelievable, it was still predictable because it was Tiger Woods. We can’t say for certain what will happen, but I’m pretty sure most of us want to see him emerge from his swing and health troubles. After all, I started getting sick of watching him hit crummy shots, like, nine months ago.

What do you expect from Tiger? What’s his biggest problem? Can he fix it this year?