Wilson: “Make Mine a Double”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Man of honor!

Tough call for Mark Wilson, who shot a two-day total of one-over 145 and missed the cut by a stroke at The Players. (Well, maybe it wasn’t so tough, but it sure cost him a chunk of the hefty $9.5 million purse.) With his ball resting near a tree after an errant drive on the par-4 fifth, Wilson decided to hit the shot left-handed and struck it twice. At least he thinks he did. “I think I hit it twice,” Wilson said. “Not for certain, but I heard two clicks. I asked my caddie what he thought and he was, ‘Yeah, I think I heard two clicks, too.’”

Wilson asked a rules official for help, and after reviewing the video replay, the official informed Wilson he hadn’t double-hit the shot. Turned out the official looked at the wrong swing. When the actual shot in question was reviewed, it was inconclusive. The ruling was handed back to Wilson, who admitted he wasn’t 100% positive he struck the ball twice.

“If I was 1 percent sure that I double-hit it, I’d have to call a penalty on myself. It’s not like it’s 50-50 and it goes to the player’s favor,’’ Wilson said. “I won’t remember this years from now, but if I tried to keep it quiet I would always remember it.’’

Wilson also called a two-stroke penalty on himself at the 2007 Honda Classic when his caddie told another player in their group what club he’d hit. The extra strokes forced a four-man playoff, which Wilson ended up winning.

Chalk it up to karma, if you’d like.