Nice Effing Pants: Luke Donald Special
By Conor Nagle under Nice Effing Pants

Canary yellow? Custard cream, more like.

A reader contacted the blog about this, and after reviewing the tape from yesterday’s second round I can confirm that yes, Luke Donald’s trousers were indeed a crime against civilised taste and decency. Some trousers might be louder, some busier, but Donald’s are never really worn with the requisite levels of good humour or irony; he’s sandwiched awkwardly between Ian Poulter and Martin Kaymer (I should emphasise the fact that I’m speaking figuratively: that’s a literal sandwich no one wants to see).

Were yesterday’s offence a one-off, you could let it slide, but it’s only the most recent in a long line of prior offences. Saturday at the Masters, anyone?

Serial offender

Okay, one more:

Harbour Town: the golfing gods decreed that these were not to be the trousers of a champion

Case closed.
Conor Nagle