Fan Rescues Michael Bradley’s Driver
By Conor Nagle under Humor

Dropping your driver in mock disgust as you freewheel your way into a full finish might look good for the TV cameras, but for every Tiger Woods there’s a Michael Bradley waiting to happen. Bradley dropped his driver on the seventh tee during yesterday’s second round, only for it to turn an awkward somersault and fall a full seven feet into a nearby water hazard.

“I just hit a poor drive and I kind of of dropped the club because I was so disgusted,” said Bradley. “I didn’t really realize I was so close to the water. When I dropped it, it bounced and flipped, and I’m watching it, thinking, ‘Oh crap, what did you do?'”

Where the average club golfer would be forced to make a humiliating descent into the water, Bradley had a second option: for the price of a glove, he could harness the sycophantic energy of a nearby fan (someone called Norman-Gerard Merizzi who slid under the ropes) and make him do all the dirty work. Genius; high-fives all round.

Conor Nagle