Spagnolo vs. the 17th: A Clash 25 Years in the Making
By Conor Nagle under Humor

Spagnolo heading for a 66 back in 1986

Sam Weinman over at Golf Digest has posted a link to a strange video the magazine has made in conjunction with the Golf Channel. Back in 1986, when Sawgrass was still known as the Tour’s most intimidating layout, Golf Digest happened upon the idea of sending the four worst regular golfers they could find out to play the course from the back tees.

Arriving at the infamous 17th, it took a grocer from Pittsburgh by the name of Angelo Spagnolo to seize the moment and embark upon what would become a life-defining half-hour of unmitigated sporting humiliation. He succeeded (or failed) in taking that length of time to play 66 strokes, the last dozen or so of which involved putting a path around the lake and island walkway.

This year, the Golf Channel decided to mark the event’s anniversary by allowing Spagnolo a shot at public redemption. Could he better his original score in front of a gallery that included no less a figure than Deane Beman, one of the chief architects of his original ordeal?