Foley Reacts to Bubba’s Criticism of Tiger (Updated)
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Foley: Not a fan of Bubba's critique

Tiger Woods’ swing coach Sean Foley isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Last Friday when Foley appeared on the Dublin-based talk radio show “Off the Ball” he was asked for his thoughts on Bubba Watson’s comments last week that Tiger was “going the wrong way.” Brian Keogh of sums up Foley’s response (along with the full transcript for those interested):

In a wide-ranging interview in which he displayed little love for the media, Foley said: “He has the right to his own opinion but you probably shouldn’t make comments about a guy who has won 69 more times than you and you are virtually the same age. You know what I mean?”

Denying that he was angered by what Watson said, Foley added: “I wouldn’t say angry. I would just say, bud, you won three times the last 10 months, I am really pleased for you. You have worked hard and I think it is a great thing that you are playing so well. But why do you feel the need that you have to get the attention? What’s the use in making that comment?

“Let the guy do what he’s doing and you do what you’re doing and it will be fine. There is absolutely zero need for him to make that comment. But you know, Bubba loves the camera anyway so, I mean, whatever.”

Ain’t that the truth (the last point)! Still, Bubba is entitled to his own opinion. Clearly it’s been a slow news week — “Tiger/Bubba” was even featured on the crawl of ESPN’s Sportscenter. At least we’re not talking about which way Rickie Fowler is wearing his hat anymore. Or are we?

*Update, Wednesday, 7:00pm: In a phone call, Foley said Bubba called him last night and they’re “all good,” but there was never any malice between them. “People can read into [my comments] any way they want,” he said, laughing. “I was just making a point. Bubba knows that. People are blowing things out of proportion.”