Uh-Oh, Bubba! Tiger Wants to “Talk”!
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Tiger, who watches swing coach Sean Foley at TPC Sawgrass, has a message for Bubba: We need to talk.

Last week at the Wells Fargo Championship, Bubba Watson voiced his opinion on the former world number one’s swing, saying he thought Tiger was going “the wrong way.” Naturally, his comments made some headlines and no doubt were relayed to Tiger, with whom Bubba used to regularly play practice rounds. During his presser at TPC Sawgrass on Tuesday, Bubba said he’d spoken to members of Team Tiger who assured the big-hitting lefty he’d done nothing wrong. Later in the day Tiger graced the media after playing nine holes. Asked his reaction to Bubba’s comments, Woods said dryly, “That was interesting.”

Does he have an issue with it?

“We’ll talk,” Tiger said with his signature stern look.

Those two words are never ones you want to hear. So, will Tiger tell Bubba, “It’s not you, it’s me”?

Bubba, a naturally talented and intuitive golfer, has never had a lesson in his life.

Asked if he had ever told Bubba he needed a teacher, “To each his own,” replied Tiger.

“Lee Trevino didn’t have a teacher ever. One of the best ballstrikers that ever lived. He was in the top two or three of all time, and he never once had a teacher. So it can done.”

In other words, no, Tiger has never told Bubba he needs a teacher, nor does he really care. Haven’t you heard? Golf is a selfish game.

(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)