Seve’s Condition Deteriorates
By Conor Nagle under European PGA Tour

Severiano Ballesteros: European golf's most charismatic ambassador

Precise details are unavailable at this stage, but it appears that Seve Ballesteros is suffering what a family statement refers to as ‘a severe worsening in [his] neurological state‘. The Spaniard, a genuine icon of the game, has been undergoing treatment for brain cancer since a public collapse led to the discovery of a tumour in late 2008.

The full statement, just released, reads:

“The Ballesteros family lets it be known that there has been a severe worsening in Seve Ballesteros’s neurological condition. The family will give further information as and when there is news about his state of health, and takes this opportunity to give thanks for all the support that Seve and the family have received, and state that it will be the family who will give any information, through, about the situation of the Spanish champion.”

Today’s announcement may not come as a surprise– rumours of Seve’s deteriorating condition have been circulating for some time– but as a public admission of what many, myself included, were too compromised by sentimental attachment to ever really accept, it still comes as a shock.