Kindred: “If a ‘journalist’ is only a highly skilled veteran decorated with a hundred combat ribbons, it’s a small club growing smaller.”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

" Veteran sportswriters made cranky by the arrival of the New Media"

Interesting piece from Dave Kindred about new media reporting and covering golf (and, yes, Wei Under Par). Here’s a key quote:

For me, the more important question is the question that has been asked of every reporter forever. Can we trust what the guy writes? Is she responsible and fair? Does he verify his information? If a reporter/writer can provide positive answers to those questions over a long period of time, yes, she’s the kind of journalist I aspire to be. If the answers are negative, he won’t be around very long, anyway, because, like golf pros who chase pars, a reporter who makes enough bogeys loses his card.

Co-sign. Read the whole column.

Who and what is a “journalist”? Honestly, that’s a great question and if you have the million-dollar answer, then I’d like to shake your hand. But at the end of the day, who cares? — let the writer’s work speaks for itself. Anyway, the topic lends a good discussion for those interested.