Bin Laden’s “Cave” Near a Golf Course!
By Stephanie Wei under General

What a historic (yester)day! With President Obama’s announcement last night, hitting a white ball around a field seems pretty insignificant (and it is compared to the “real” issues in the world, relatively speaking). Alas, this is a site about golf, so we’ll continue with golf commentary, but not before this silly random tidbit…

When the news first broke (or the speculation started on Twitter! — what on earth did we do before Twitter??), I naturally Google-mapped “Abbottābad, Pakistan,” to grasp the geographic location and surroundings of Osama Bin Laden’s (former) hideaway. And of all the things to notice as I zoomed in, I couldn’t help but my eyes immediately caught the golf course, probably because it was rather near the supposed mansion. Which was pretty comical to me at the time since many details of his living situation hadn’t been reported yet (was very early in the news cycle).

So yeah, Abbottābad Golf Club appears to be just a short drive away from the compound, though it’s doubtful Bin Laden ever hit the links. All this time we figured he was roughing it caveman style in the mountains when he was actually living in a fortress located in a “luxurious neighborhood.”

Thanks to all the men and women in uniform for their service and sacrifice to this country (along with our allied forces).

Oh, one more thing, I recommend checking out Sohaib Athar’s Twitter (@ReallyVirtual). Go back and read his timeline — you won’t regret it. He’s the man living in Abbottabad who unknowingly live-tweeted the bin Laden raid.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

(Photo via HuffPo)