Tiger Still Hurting, But Still Tweeting
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

On the eve of Tiger Jam ’11, Tiger Woods took to Twitter from somewhere in Las Vegas (keep your eye out!) and answered selected questions from fans. Writer extraordinaire (Bill Simmons has hired her already for his new site) and my former college roommate (shameless name-drop) Katie Baker chimed in, “@TigerWoods if you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?” I know what you’re thinking — how can anyone describe themselves in one word? That’s the point. She’s mocking his one-word answers. Nonetheless, we still learned a few tidbits about Tiger. The most interesting answer came in the first tweet.

Tiger always sits on the left side when he flies. Always! Totally random, but kinda intriguing, no? Do you have a side of the plane you prefer? I don’t, but I think I pick the right more than the left.

What I found most horrifying? Tiger uses emoticons! 😉

Anyway, here’s what else we gleaned:

*The mental aspect of getting over the knee injury is tougher than the physical for Tiger.

*He’s “able to work more on short game now because (he has) a better understanding of my golf game.”

*Tiger likes Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” over “Billie Jean.”

*He’s predicting the Lakers to win the NBA Finals.

*His favorite casino in Vegas is “wherever I win at.”

*He still plays video games, including his own and FPS ones.

*He likes “Hootie and the Blowfish” more than just Hootie.

*His least favorite part of being on Tour is the packing and repacking. (Same!)

*He’s looking for everything to be in sync when he’s turning back through the ball.

*He loves Hazeltine National.

*His new practice facility at Jupiter Island is “pretty sweet.”

*Stevie kicks his arse out there when he’s not playing well and Tiger describes them as a “team.”

*His lowest round is 59 at Isleworth, the week before the ’97 Masters.

*If he could trade places with anyone in the world, it’d be Nelson Mandela.

*Tiger was short in his post-round Masters interview on Sunday because “I was still focused on the tournament. I still had a chance to win. I was preparing for a potential playoff.”

*His favorite ice cream is vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

*He understands that people questioning his golf game is “part of the deal.”

*He’s not getting in more reps because he’s hurt.

There you go. Check out Tiger’s full Twitter timeline here.