The Cejka Slam! (Don’t Try This at Home)
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Alex Cejka withdrew due to a broken toe

If you’ve never slammed your club on the ground out of frustration, then you’re a saint or just an incredibly patient, mild-mannered human. I’m thinking most of you have occasionally done this, but have you ever found your foot instead? Hopefully not. After posting a two-over 74 in the first round, Alex Cejka withdrew from the Zurich Classic due to a broken toe. You see where this is going, right?

In a moment of aggravation, Cejka tried to smash his club into the ground, but his foot got in the way. He didn’t just break his toe — he also took out a sizable chunk off his golf shoe. (Some may call the incident “karma,” but I don’t believe in that because otherwise many other players would be able to empathize with Cejka.)

Somehow, Cejka fought through the pain and continued playing. Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis got a hold of the shoe and showed it while telling the story behind Cejka’s withdrawal.

Todd added that Cejka was nearly in tears in the locker room afterward. I’ll bet. I’ve accidentally hit my ankle with my putter (not because I was slamming it, but because I’m clumsy) and even that hurts like hell!

The takeaway? Cejka is extremely strong. Oh, and be sure your foot is in the clear before a club slam.