R&A Boss Calls for Naming and Shaming on Fines
By Stephanie Wei under European PGA Tour

Chief Executive of the Royal and Ancient, Peter Dawson, thinks the top tours should publish details of fines doled out to players, according to the BBC’s Iain Carter (via Geoff Shackelford). In other words, he’s calling for the tours to publicly humiliate guys who are slapped with fines for breaching rules, like slow play, spitting, etc. Which is something that the media has been demanding for years. Perhaps J.B. Holmes or Ben Crane (among others) would speed up if they were named and shamed — then we might actually see change and results.

Dawson said, via the BBC Sport:

“I think golf can still be held up as a model for many other sports to follow in terms of player behaviour at every level. Incidents do get a lot of publicity and rightly so. That’s indicative that it is exceptional in golf to see these things.

“In terms of what Tour disciplinary policies should be and whether disciplinary action should be made public I think if you look at the wider world of sport that has become the norm.

“I think keeping it quiet, whilst there are many good reasons for doing that at tour level, is probably something that tours should look at changing because I do think that keeping these things in the public domain has a lot of benefit in keeping our standards of behaviour high,” Dawson said.

Good thoughts by Dawson, an influential figure who has a better chance of invoking change than most. But the chances of the tours opening its books to the public are slim. Let me put it this way: it’ll happen on the same day that Dawson opens the R&A membership to women.