Kevin Na’s Epic 16!
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

For what it’s worth, Kevin Na took 14, nope, 15 — wait, 16! — strokes pretty quickly on the par-4 9th at TPC San Antonio. Known for his deliberate pace of play, Na sped things up when he got lost in the woods during the first round of the Valero Texas Open. He pushed his first drive into the junk, declared it unplayable, and went back to the tee only to knock it in the same place. After thrashing it out, including hitting himself and whiffing it, he carded 16 strokes.

Good news is Na had a sense of humor about it, turning to his caddie and saying, “How are we going to count all those shots?” Even better news? Na happened to be mic’d up for the meltdown as Golf Channel’s spotlight player. “I think I made somewhere between 10 and 15 but I think it’s close to a 15,” said Na after his round. “They gave me 14 in the beginning and it sounded about right. After the round they said 15. We went and checked the camera. I counted it myself, it was 16 so I just signed for a 16.”

Aside from the “other,” Na shot four-under on his round, including five birdies and a bogey. He managed to rebound from the double-snowman (apparently, it’s called a duodecuple), posting three-under on the back nine.

Credit Na for his tenacity! — not to mention he handled the whole debacle with a good attitude.

“I think I handled myself pretty well,” said Na. “My play just shows that — three-under on the rest of the way in, whatever I did. I hit a lot of good shots and didn’t make another bogey afterwards. It just shows you how well I took it.”

Na shot 80.

Asked to explain where his ball hit him, Na said, “In the inner thigh, but the shocking thing was I hit it and I felt like it hit me so I looked at my caddie, I said, ‘I think that just hit me,’ and he goes, ‘How does it hit you and end up behind you?’ But I thought it hit me but I wasn’t sure because rocks, branches, but it definitely hit me.”

Oh, and for the record, Na’s 16 wasn’t the highest in PGA Tour history. In 1998 John Daly pulled a Tin Cup and posted an 18 on 6th hole at Bay Hill. Ray Ainsley took 19 shots on the par-4 16th hole at Cherry Hills in the 1938 U.S. Open.

I can’t find those on YouTube, but here’s John Daly making an 11 on the par-4 8th at the 1999 US Open at Pinehurst.