Tiger’s Post-Round Interview: Disgusting
By Conor Nagle under Humor

Like many fans, I initially missed Tiger’s post-round interview on Sunday. But when I finally got around to watching the YouTube bootleg of it that’s been doing the rounds, I reacted in much the same way as many viewers— those, dare I say it, more mindful of propriety and decorum than the mass that have since claimed to have been unaffected– already had.

Though it lasted only thirty-eight seconds, my initial viewing managed to let loose a flood emotion: disbelief gave way to anger, frustration and eventual disgust. What was it exactly that I’d just seen? It seemed to fly in the face of everything I’d been taught, not just about the game of golf, but modern life. The exchange had the sort of grotesque, obsessive appeal of the Zapruder Film or footage from the Second World War. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t. Time and again I my cursor made its way back to the play button, until I was left with only one thought, one question:

What was going on with Bill Macatee’s hair?


(thanks to G-Shack for the video)