Tiger Plays Well: What Does It Mean?
By Conor Nagle under The Masters

Tiger goes for a tentative fist pump at round's end yesterday

The follow-through might have looked a little flatter, the rhythm might be a little different, but the numbers on the scorecard were very much reminiscent of the Tiger of old on Friday evening at Augusta. Nine birdies(!) and three bogies added up to a second round 66 and vaulted Tiger into a share of third place heading into the weekend.

Butch Harmon was alongside Ewen Murray in the Sky commentary booth and sounded convinced that Tiger had finally found a way of synchronising the rotation of his hips and arms through impact, with long-term stability just around the corner. And who’s to argue with him: Woods spent most of the yesterday rifling irons shots at all manner of pin positions. Not only that, but his short-game looked genuinely threatening on the few occasions that his ball-striking failed him.

The big question, of course, is where all of this leaves him, not only in the context of the tournament at hand, but his overall career. Was yesterday’s round enough to make you believe again, or is a 66 on in the comparatively relaxed second-round a far, far cry from what’s required? If he goes on to win this weekend, can you see Tiger returning to the sort of dominance that carried him to fourteen major championships in the first place? Get on the comments thread and let me know!