PGA Tour Expert Picks Are Rubbish
By Conor Nagle under The Masters

Matt Kuchar: I think not

Fortunately, I’ve returned to the blog just in time to avail of the opportunity to run PGATour.com over the coals for their ridiculously short-sighted Masters predictions. Of the ten players selected as this week’s favourites, an improbable eight are American, with the remaining two berths going to Europeans (a Brit and a Nordie).

Aside from the rest of the world proving apparently incapable of mustering a single talent worthy of challenging the Matt Kuchar, golfing colossus, for a place on the list, four internationals in the world top-ten, including the man at the summit of the rankings, are deemed unworthy of inclusion.

Methinks this does not reflect the state of the game… until cheesy Matt Kuchar ends the week by shrugging on the green jacket, of course.