Mickelson “Looks Down” at Daly’s RV Shop
By Stephanie Wei under The Masters

In the long list of Masters traditions, John Daly has established one of his own. Beginning in 2007 (he skipped ’08), Daly, who  played in The Masters last in 2006, started setting up shop from his RV on Washington Road in the parking lot of a jewelry store, just a a few blocks away from the gates of Augusta National.

Obviously, the headline to this post was inspired by the picture above, which cracked me up — I mean, what a funny coincidence. If you can’t see, the billboard hovering over Daly shows a Rolex ad that features Phil Mickelson. Meanwhile, Daly is hawking his “Lion” merchandise and signing autographs for $20 a piece. Yep, seriously. And the patrons, who are leaving after Monday at The Masters, were paying for them! I saw one guy dish out $80 for Daly to sign four different items. I guess I have to give Daly props for having such lack of dignity.

I asked Daly’s girlfriend Anna Cladakis how business was shaping up on Monday. She said things were slower than last year, but she wasn’t quite sure — apparently they changed the time the gates opened this year. I noted that it seemed like things were going quite well, gesturing at the large crowd of people dishing out handfuls of cash. She said it had just gotten busy because people were leaving for the day. Asked for an estimate of how much they had made, Anna said they hadn’t counted the cash yet. From what I saw for about 20 minutes, I bet they grossed a decent amount. (I’m checking back with her later today.)

To the surprise of patrons, suddenly, Angel Cabrera, the ’09 Masters champ, walked out of the RV (at this point Daly hadn’t made an appearance yet). He looked like he was in great spirits. Make your own conclusions as to what Angel and Daly were doing. Perhaps talking golf? Business? Ha! Anyway, Angel happily stopped to sign autographs for fans — free of charge.

That’s all for now — I’m heading into Augusta National for the first time…ever. I’m pretty sure it’ll blow my mind, as everyone has informed me. I’ll report back later.