Furyk Goes For NFL Kicker Look
By Merf under The Masters

Jim Furyk, left, walks down the seventh fairway at Augusta with Dustin Johnson on Monday. He is wearing soft spikes on his right shoe in this photo, but he switched them to metal spikes after the round.

Jim Furyk usually wears soft spikes, but while practicing at the Augusta driving range on Monday, his right foot kept slipping. Since balance is critical in a golf swing — especially in one with as many moving parts as Furyk’s — last year’s FedEx Cup champ switched to metal spikes.

But he’s only wearing metal spikes on his right shoe.

“I’ve done it before. Royal Liverpool (in the 2006 British Open) was one place where it got really dry and slippery,” Furyk, a former U.S. Open champion, said. “What can I say? I’m a little goofy, I guess.”

I’m a sucker for that click-clack of metal spikes on pavement, but the click-thud might throw me off. I don’t know what to say. Why wouldn’t you just wear metal spikes on both shoes? Why would he decide not to wear metal spikes on his left shoe as well? Any ideas?

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)