Woods Puts a Price on Privacy
By Conor Nagle under Tiger Woods

The Palm Beach Post is touting an EXCLUSIVE of modest proportions this morning, claiming that Tiger Woods has placed Privacy, his terribly-named 155-foot yacht, on the market. Apparently, Woods believes the ship appreciated some $5million in value over the course of his ownership and wants to see a listing in the region of $25million (can a yacht also be ‘ship’?).

The high asking price, if reached, would go some way toward covering both Woods’ initial outlay of $20million and the astronomical cost of upkeep (somewhere around $2million per year). John Staluppi, however, a builder of so-called mega-yachts, thinks Woods unlikely to receive anything in excess of the original asking price:

“The market on big yachts has gone down… Banks aren’t financing and the economy is off. It’s a buyer’s market. Unless he sells to someone who wants to brag that he’s got Tiger’s yacht, he’ll get about $20million.”

Even aside from the economic realities, would you, as a prospective buyer, really want to be paying over the odds for a yacht forever associated with one of the muckiest sex scandals in sports history? You’d always be just one ambiguous stain away from never being able to relax in it again.