Today in Irony: Tiger’s Swing App
By Conor Nagle under Tiger Woods

Want all the excitement of a Tiger range session on your phone?

According to the Associated Press, Tiger Woods has just launched a mobile application aimed at offering the humble golfer a chance to benefit *cough* from the same routines and analysis he uses in practice:

“‘Tiger Woods: My Swing’ for the iPhone and iPod touch… aims to help golfers of all skill levels improve through video analysis and instruction.

It costs $9.99 and proceeds go to the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Woods is going through his fourth swing change since turning pro in 1996, so it’s not clear which swing will be on display [even the AP couldn’t resist]. But he says the application is based on how he practices. He says he has used video technology to gauge how his swing is developing.

The application will allow golfers to capture video of their swings to analyze and compare to Woods’. Woods serves as a virtual teacher. The app also includes personalized videos in which Woods answers questions.”

Whether you’ll get value for your $9.99 is anyone’s guess, but one player left in no doubt as to the value of his recent app purchases is European Tour pro Anthony Wall, who has credited a Dave Stockton putting tutorial (retail price: 59 pence) with his recent improvement on the greens. Days after putting Dave Stockton’s Putting Instruction in practice, The Englishman walked away from last week’s Sicilian Open with a second-place finish, his highest in over two years, and a cheque for €111,000.