Cink’s Mistweet: Makes Digs at Huggins and Tiger (*Update)
By Stephanie Wei under Twitter

*Update: I spoke with Cink — his account was hacked.

Whoops! Did Stewart Cink have one too many adult beverages at the Kenny Chesney concert in Tampa? He accidentally sent the tweet below — which was quickly deleted — but not fast enough for a dozen or so of his 1.2 million followers to retweet it (like the screen grab above).

@stewartcink: UK took it to WVu today, huggy bear is a drunk!! You see elin’s mansion for 10 million? Wow, expensive tale tiger got!

I think Cink meant “tail,” not “tale.” But, like whoa! —  Stewie, tell us how you really feel! In all fairness, he didn’t really say anything that wasn’t true. After all, West Virginia men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins, aka “Huggy Bear,” allegedly had a drinking problem, not to mention his run-ins with alcohol and the law.

I could see the Elin/Tiger comment being considered a tad out of line, just because Cink and Tiger were Ryder Cup teammates and fellow Nike staffers, but obviously it was a joke — not far off from what many dudes texted each other about the same topic — that Cink meant to send to a friend. His actual mistake was the cost of the mansion, which he said was $10 million, but it’s reportedly $12.2 million. (Pay attention, Stewart!)

If anything, it makes me like Cink more — he’s thinking the same thing the rest of us are! In any case, I’m sure he’ll apologize to Tiger, who will understand and the two will share a laugh.

Just a few minutes after the accidental tweet, Cink sent a follow-up apology tweet, saying, “Sorry everyone, last message was text not meant for Twitter world. Apologies.” — which has also been deleted (but was retweeted — and if only I knew how to take screen shots on my Droid phone, the tweet shows up in my timeline.)

Who was the text meant for? Best guess is Coach Chris Noss, Cink’s strength and conditioning coach, also a big West Virginia fan.

Since Cink is playing in the final round of the Transitions Championship today, I, along with others, will surely be tracking him down for clarification and his side of the story. Who knows, maybe his account was hacked, after all.

Stay tuned, but I say we cut him some slack, either way. We’ve all been there in some shape or form. We’ve sent a tweet/text that we regretted or that was meant as a direct message and mistakenly sent it to the entire Twitter universe. Difference is, most of us don’t have over 1.2 million followers and aren’t public figures. But hey, shit happens.