Vijay: This Is How I Practice
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Everyone knows Vijay Singh practices really, really hard. He hits a lot of range balls and rolls just as many practice putts. On Tuesday afternoon Vijay was working on some drills. As you can see in the pictures, he teed up the ball about a foot from the umbrella to make sure the club stays on the right path on his follow-through. It appeared like he was trying to hit a slight fade — the ball wasn’t moving too much, probably about two-three yards.

At one point, Vijay’s caddie, David Clark, had a club on Vijay’s hip and his instructor had a club on his head (to make sure it didn’t move). Near the end of the range sesh, Vijay changed the ball position and moved it a few feet back.

The whole thing was rather complicated yet interesting to watch. I was waiting to speak with another player who was hitting next to Vijay, so I took pictures. Check ’em out.

Here now, PGA Tour media officials are trying to convince Vijay to record an interview with NBC about Innisbrook’s Copperhead course and why ballstrikers have done well at this event traditionally. Of course, Vijay didn’t want to cooperate. After much prodding, he finally agreed to do it on Wednesday morning as long as a cart was waiting for him in the parking lot at 8am sharp!