Tiger Laughs While Jimmy Fallon Thanks Him for Being Easy Comedic Fodder
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Who said Tiger Woods couldn’t laugh at himself? He can! On Wednesday evening Tiger went on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” his first appearance on a late night comedy program since 2009, to promote his upcoming EA Sports game. I didn’t watch the full interview, but I caught Jimmy’s tweet with a link to the sneak peek. Asked what he’d been up to, Tiger, smiling, said, “Nothing…playing bad golf.” Then, Jimmy goes on for a while in a long, pseudo-awkward spiel, expressing his gratitude for Tiger allowing the rest of the world to poke fun at his pain. All the while, Tiger is still laughing! — good for him. He should have done this, say, 15 months ago, but minor details.

I’m sure someone will send me the full interview, but if the above is any indication of how it went, then big points for Tiger.

He also made a funny via Twitter — though spoiling the results of the match between him and Jimmy, playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 on Wii.