Ryuji Imada to Players: Birdies for Japan
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

In an effort to encourage his fellow PGA Tour players to donate money for the relief effort in Japan, Ryuji Imada, who was born in Mihara, Japan, but moved to the United States at age 14 and played golf at the University of Georgia, drafted the following note on Wednesday evening, which has been distributed to each competitor’s locker at the Transitions Championship.

“Dear Players,

As you may know, last week there was an earthquake disaster in my home country of Japan.

To support the many people affected by the earthquake, I’ve decided to donate $1,000 per birdie I make at this week’s event.

I would be thankful for any of my fellow competitors to join me and support with any donations.


Ryuji Imada”

That’s a very thoughtful gesture by Ryuji. Let’s hope he makes a lot of birdies and other players jump on board, too.

Aside: Anyone else impressed with how nice his handwriting is?