Twitter Debate of the Day: The Tavistock Cup
By Conor Nagle under General

Poulter: "Check out the Tavistock Cup for albany it's awesome. pink and navy"

Ah, the Tavistock Cup. The players and organisers see it, no doubt, as a good-natured exhibition that harnesses a little star power and gloss in the worthwhile pursuit of some charity dollars, but in the eyes of many it always seems a bit too pleased with itself. Maybe coating your event in an oily film of ostentation and plutocratic elitism is what’s required to bring in the big fish, but boy, does it make for tough viewing at times.

Luckily, the democratising aspect of social media now enables prickly journos to transmit their opinions directly to those who would otherwise spend their time safely hidden away in PGA Tour Land (like an ivory tower, only with courtesy cars).

The Guardian’s Lawrence Donegan availed of one such opportunity on Twitter earlier today and drew the ire of Ian Poulter, who, taking time out from tweeting pics of himself relaxing by the pool and boarding a helicopter to Isleworth (no, really), tried to counter the Scot’s charges. The exchange went something like this:

Donegan: Can’t wait for the Tavistock Cup? No, me neither. #worst#golf#tournament#ever

Poulter: why is is the worst tournament ever. you now need to explain yourself. cos thats bollocks… Name another country club competition in the world that can boast these fields and raise huge money for charity. Oh there isn’t… You’ve gone all quiet Lawrence speak up.

Donegan: I was on a plane… It’s obnoxiously and exclusive, +it’s over-hyped…

Poulter: How about the 8 million dollars that’s been donated to charity from the Tavistock Cup. I think it’s a great event which donates generously

Donegan: +not a fan of fundraising events where winners spray champagne over each at the end. Apart from that…

Poulter: aaaarrrrgggghhhh did you not get a ticket

*truce announced*

Poulter: (video) Off to Isleworth in the helecopter

Donegan: Any more tweets about helicopters and the truce is over…

Hm. I hope Poulter’s last two tweets were intended ironically.