Talking A Lot, But Not Really Saying Anything
By Conor Nagle under European PGA Tour

Well, that was worthwhile...

When (nearly) all eyes at the Cadillac Championship were directed coursewards, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and European Tour Chief Executive George O’Grady seized the opportunity to stage a joint Q&A session and discuss their paradigm-shifting synergy going forward, or somesuch. A press conference for the ages this most certainly was not.

In addition to not really answering questions about the possibility of organising some kind of international eligibility for the world’s top-50, the pair also didn’t really answer questions about scheduling conflicts, on-course spitting, disciplinary procedures, tour sponsorship and– our buzzword for the week– integration.

Most irksome, from my perspective at least, was the way in which Commish Finchem was allowed to spend the encounter paying lip-service to cooperation between the tours without once being challenged on either his half-hearted, caveat-laden endorsement of the Asian leg of the WGC or the insular nature of the FedEx Cup. It was almost as if they only took the softest questions on offer… almost.