Desire for Sleep Trumps Slow Play
By Conor Nagle under General

This man will hug you if the circumstances demand it

Returning to the course after yesterday’s weather delay, Zach Johnson, Geoff Ogilvy and Rory Sabbatini knew they had a chance to finish their first round and earn themselves a three-hour lie-in on Friday morning, but it was going to come down to the wire. By the time they’d reached the sixth fairway (their fifteenth), the trio could sense that rules officials were close to calling a halt to play. Time for someone to get creative. Step forward and claim your prize, Zach Johnson:

Johnson suggested to the group that they do what ever is possible to finish the round. It was agreed that whomever hit it closest at the eighth hole would finish out first and race to the ninth tee and hit, so as to finish before the horn sounded.

“It was just sensible thinking,” Ogilvy said of Sabbatini running to the ninth tee and hitting up as the group ahead was still on the green. “Going to eight it became apparent that it was going to be touch and go and Rory got on the green in two and we said just go.”

Johnson took all the credit for the move.

“If I do say so myself, it was absolutely brilliant,” Johnson said. “It was all about sleep, I hugged him (Sabbatini). It was a sleep hug.”


Maybe some sort of sleep deprivation penalty is the way to go in the war against slow play?