Get Ready for the Steve Marino Beer Pong…I Mean, Ping Pong Invitational
By Stephanie Wei under Party

The inaugural Beer Pong Ping Pong Championship, hosted at Steve Marino’s home, will take place on Friday night. The tourney will be live-streamed at from 8pm-10pm ET. Confirmed attendees include Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler, among others. Former Golf Channel broadcaster Mike Ritz will call the tournament and esteemed broadcaster Bob Bubka will do the color. Yours truly will carry out the live-blogging and/or live-tweeting of the festivities.

Steve is feeling pretty good about his chances since he has home-court advantage. Take a gander at his moves in the video after the jump:

Marino shot six-over 76 in the first round of the Honda Classic. He’s going to need a pretty good round to make the cut. Otherwise, he says there might be some adult beverages consumed. I’ve been pushing for a beer pong tournament. Actually, here’s an idea — the guys could play beer pong Dartmouth style (involves use of paddles to hit a ping pong ball into cups of beer) — then we’ll have the best of both worlds!

For some reason, my suggestion probably won’t materialize until after the cameras are off. But I mean, wouldn’t that be so much more entertaining? Methinks so.

Because it’s Friday night where most of you guys are hopefully away from your computers, I’m wondering if you guys would tune in if I did a live-blog or if you think live-tweeting will suffice. Let me know what you think!

Either way, it’s going to be a fun night and be sure to watch the action-packed invitational on