Coming Soon to a TV Near You: Real Housewives of the PGA Tour?
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Five PGA Tour wives (or girlfriends) are seeking a reality show about their lives, according to’s Alan Bastable. “We’re the bad girls, I don’t know what else to say,” Liz Estes, Bob Estes’ wife, said half-jokingly of the ladies.

The other four women pursuing the show are Leot Chen, Vaughn Taylor’s fiancée; Melissa Weber Jones, wife of Matt Jones and a former Miss Idaho; Alli MacKenzie, Will Mackenzie’s wife and a model who has been featured in a pictorial in the men’s magazine FHM; and Erin Walker, Jimmy Walker’s wife.

The women have hired a Los Angeles marketing firm, Reverb Collective, to help them land a deal, and in its first major play to generate some buzz, Reverb has released some edgy photos of the girls.

“We were so careful not to do anything that would be offensive to anybody,” Alli MacKenzie says of the shoot. “We got a bunch of old Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and looked at athletes and athletes’ wives in them and made sure we didn’t do anything that was more provocative than what they did.”

The show would look into the social scene on Tour, which, of course, is hard to overcome as a newbie (like anything else):

“During my first year I hid in my car because I was so horrified of walking into the clubhouse and player dining,” Estes says. “Everyone was so cliquey.”

“It’s like a traveling high school,” MacKenzie adds. “There are 150 or so guys and 150 or so girls, plus the caddies, plus the girls who aren’t supposed to be out there.”

Estes, who has been married to Bob for three years, says her husband is conservative and “completely opposite” from her, but that he is OK with her posing in provocative attire and chasing a reality show. MacKenzie says she also has husband Will’s full support and that Will, one of the Tour’s more colorful members, has actually been approached on multiple occasions to do a reality show of his own.

I’d be more likely to watch this show over Being John Daly, The Haney Project or Pipe Dream. But could it become a distraction for the players? Naw. It’ll give the wives an extra project while the men are grinding on the course.