Tiger Woods So Sorry for The Spit
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

Frustrated Tiger tosses a club to Stevie Williams

As expected, the European Tour handed Tiger Woods a fine for hocking a loogey on the 12th green during the final round of the Dubai Desert Classic. (You see, even Tiger spitting makes worldwide news!) Tour director Mike Stewart said in a statement on Monday that Tiger breached tour code.

Tiger, who promised to be more respectful of the game last year during his infamous apology speech, offered his regrets via Twitter:

The Euro Tour is right – it was inconsiderate to spit like that and I know better. Just wasn’t thinking and want to say I’m sorry.

That’s probably the most genuine apology we’ve ever heard from Tiger. He added:

Everyone was terrific all week, fans especially. Dubai is always a fantastic host. Just wish the week could have ended better.

My first reaction to the whole situation was indifferent. I mean, it is disgusting, but I’ve gotten used to seeing golfers spit every other second out on Tour (oftentimes, it is accompanied with chew).

I guess the issue with The Spit is that it was a disgusting lump of grossness and Tiger, who always has more eyes on him than other players, was the culprit — not to mention would anyone have cared if he had won instead of shooting a smooth 75 on Sunday? (Hint: Probably not!) Also, like Tiger said himself, it was inconsiderate. After all, would you want to putt your ball through The Spit and pick it up? Didn’t think so.

(AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)