Tiger Woods Still Close, Wants to Win… *yawn*
By Conor Nagle under European PGA Tour

A more muscular Tiger in happier times

Tiger’s been chatting with the media ahead of this week’s Omega Dubai Desert Classic. And before you ask: no, he wasn’t talking about the indefinite suspension of his billion-dollar development project… or his continuing sponsorship woe… or his preference for Tupac over Biggie.

In fact, if you were to suspect that his press conference went something like, ‘I’m close. The changes are coming together… blah, blah… it is what it is… blah, blah… so thankful… blah, blah… winning will take care of Number One.’, you wouldn’t be too far wrong.

What’s Tiger’s goal this week?

“It’s still the same – it’s to win a golf tournament.”

And how’s his game?

“It’s progressing. I’m putting pieces together and working on the same things. Sean [Foley, his coach] and I, we are sticking with the game plan and just trying to get better each and every week.”

Now that he’s had a couple of weeks of ice-cream binges and Sex and the City re-runs to help him come to terms with his drop in the world rankings, what are the big guy’s thoughts on reclaiming that Number One spot?

“Winning takes care of all that. That’s how I got to Number One in the world, that’s how I was able to sustain it, win golf tournaments. That’s what Lee did to get to Number One, and you have to play well. You’ve got to be consistent, but you also have to win.”

If only Tiger could carry his consistency in press conferences to the course.