Sky Sports’ Special Report on Elliot Saltman: Cheesetastic Reconstruction Ahoy!
By Conor Nagle under European PGA Tour

Saltman: Man of controversy!

While you’re all probably aware of the Elliot Saltman case, which is still ongoing, and my views on the issue, it’s worth returning to it for a few minutes, if only to watch Sky Sports News’ SPECIAL REPORT(!) on the subject: Rough Justice (see what they did there?).

Though largely a hokey mish-mash of kitsch reconstructions and interviews that never really go where you want them to, it does, however, contain the first televised post-ban interview with Saltman and showcase a near-complete lack of sympathy for the Scot on the part of his European Tour colleagues (Lee Westwood, Oliver Fisher and Robert Karlsson, who was on the Disciplinary Committee, among them).

The closer you get to the incident, it seems, the less likely you are to find support for his position. Taking this into account and placing it in the context of the Sky Sports reporter’s rather knowing voiceover, I wonder to what extent we’re being shielded (legally or otherwise) from the full details of the case.