Phoenix Fans Call Option Play, Flee for Super Bowl Parties
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

The stands on No. 16 at 4pm on Super Bowl Sunday

The atmosphere on No. 16 at TPC Scottsdale was a little different on Sunday afternoon compared to the melee on Saturday. Not that this comes as a huge surprise — it’s the story every year, even when the final round of the Phoenix Open doesn’t coincide with the Super Bowl (like in 2010). Saturday’s recorded attendance reached 131,627, up from last year’s 121,221. On Super Bowl Sunday only 61,923 fans and party animals attended.

Fans head for the exit, also known as the "Walk of Love" on Saturdays

Even the biggest golf fans made a rush for the exits starting at around 3pm, and by 4pm, a half-hour before kick-off, the 16th was a ghost town.

However, several die-hards stayed ’til play was called at dusk. When Rickie Fowler approached the autograph area, the fans went crazy, cheering and chanting “Rickie! Rickie!”

Rickie Fowler signs autographs for adoring fans

Not a bad weekend for Phoenix sports and party fans, though. They go from the Greatest Party Show on the Grass to Super Sunday parties. As for we diligent golf writers, we’re watching the game from the media tent (which is actually the cart barn). Guess how many TVs were showing the golf and how many football this afternoon? One to three.