Jarrod Lyle Rocks TPC Scottsdale With Ace on 16
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Jarrod Lyle made a hole-in-on on the legendary par-3 No. 16 at TPC Scottsdale on Saturday morning. He’s the eighth person in the history of the Phoenix Open to achieve the feat and the first in nine years.

“I probably carried on down there, but it’s just one of those things where the crowd spurs you on a little bit,” said Lyle after posting a four-under 67. “I was trying to spur the crowd on a little bit, too, to make it as loud as possible. It was just an incredible feeling.”

My friend, who was on No. 4 at the time, said he could feel the ground shaking and the cheers were so loud that it was like he was on the 16th.

When Lyle saw the ball disappear, he accidentally dropped a four-letter word.

“I’m like, holy hell, it’s in,” said Lyle. “I cheered and screamed, and I think I dropped a naughty word up there. But I was just so excited that I didn’t realize the camera was about three feet in front of my face and I dropped an F-bomb, so there might be a letter in my locker next week.”

Oh, come on! Let’s hope the suits let this one slide. After all, they’d probably react similarly.

Earlier this week, I was talking with some of the players and when presented with whether they’d rather ace No. 16 at the Phoenix Open or No. 16 at The Masters, they chose the former. On that note, I’m heading out to catch the chaos in real life.