Ryan Moore to Wear Microphone During Thursday’s Golf Channel Coverage (*Update)
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

What's Ryan Moore wearing?

Looks like more PGA Tour players are stepping up to volunteer and wear mikes during Golf Channel telecasts. Ryan Moore has agreed to be mic’ed up during Thursday’s first round of the Waste Management Open at TPC Scottsdale. Moore is paired with Anthony Kim and Charley Hoffman.

On Tuesday at the driving range, Ryan sounded like he was looking forward to the experience and didn’t seem concerned with some of the reservations other players have had. Which should come as no surprise. He’s a chill guy and nothing really bothers him out on the course. Golf Channel won’t have to worry about the tape delay, either. For as long as I’ve known Ryan (12 years+?), I’ve never heard him utter a four-letter word. Seriously.

Moore isn’t the most emotional guy on the golf course, nor is he the chattiest guy in the world. Well, I take that back — it depends whom he’s playing with, but I don’t think he and Anthony Kim have much in common. Just a hunch.

At the Sony Open, Ryan Palmer wore a microphone for Golf Channel’s first-round telecast.

By the way, where are Moore’s threads from in the picture above? Well, they’re part of his new clothing line that’s in the works. The concept behind the look is Americana with a rustic twist (*or rustic with an Americana twist?). So far, Moore, along with his younger brother Jason and a friend, collaborated on the designs. Each outfit is styled to complement a tie, which has become Moore’s unique trademark on the PGA Tour. More details to come in the upcoming weeks.

*Update, Wednesday, 5pm: Because of the freezing weather conditions and anticipated delays, Ryan won’t be mic’d up during Thursday’s round because he probably won’t be in Golf Channel’s tournament broadcast window. GC will reschedule mic’ing up Ryan at a future PGA Tour event.