Lefty No Longer Mechanically Inclined
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Mickelson is one of the best feel players in the game, but known to experiment with clubs and swing mechanics

Could it really be? Phil Mickelson, a perpetual tinkerer and over-thinker, is apparently done obsessing over meddling with his swing, according to Sports Illustrated‘s Alan Shipnuck:

One of the game’s most natural players has been obsessing about his swing with instructor Butch Harmon since the spring of 2007. Mickelson, 40, says he is now past the point of making mechanical changes and is focused on shaping shots and playing by feel.

What about fiddling with equipment, though? Mickelson is known to switch things up, like throwing two drivers in the bag. I’ve started to appreciate Phil’s seemingly loony ways (recently, a friend called him a misunderstood genius, which I think sums him up well) because it makes things more interesting — “What will Phil do next?” is a fun game.

Shipnuck’s article only refers to swing mechanics and who knows how long this phase will last. Meanwhile, Tiger continues to change his swing just for kicks and giggles. To each his own!

(AP Photo/Gregory Bull)