TRUE Success: the Shoes Bringing You Down to Earth
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

TRUE Linkswear spikeless golf shoes keep you closer to the ground and actually provide better balance, according to PGA Tour player Ryan Moore, who’s been sporting the kicks since last May when he signed an endorsement deal that also made him part-owner of the company. Meanwhile, the guys manning the TRUE booth at last week’s PGA Show couldn’t keep the super-comfortable shoes on the shelves due to the high demand.

Jeremy Moore, Ryan’s older brother and manager, described the experience as “insanity” (in a good way, of course).

While tidying up the melee and putting shoes back in their boxes, Mike Moore, Ryan and Jeremy’s dad, continued, “The goal was to introduce the product and get it in people’s hands. 99% of people who tried on the shoes bought it. We had so many repeat customers. People would go golf and then call to buy another pair. We were offering a show special — if you placed an order of 30 at the wholesale price of $100 (retail, $159), you got a free shoe.”

As of late-Sunday afternoon, they had sold around 300 on-site and had pre-sold orders for months in advance.

Classic Brown Leather Edition

The pair above are made with brown leather, which Ryan helped design. “He wanted something super classic to match his ties and attire,” said Jeremy.

The style debuts in April just in time for The Masters. Also on display, Jeremy showed me a Masters limited edition shoe (see below). Only 100 will be produced and the company will probably throw a fun marketing ploy to sell out the short supply in a few hours.

Masters Edition

Ryan made an appearance at the TRUE booth on Friday afternoon to sign autographs. I just missed him, but I’m sure he’s thrilled with the success. Like several other companies, I’m curious when they’ll release a women’s style. Come on, guys! — I want to try them so I can fully understand the buzz.