R11 Madness! (VIDEO)
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

Thanks to Dave Cordero and the rest of the TM staff for their help on Friday. Check out the video above, with Dave explaining the specs to the R11 and me whacking at the ball. Barefoot and gloveless, I took a lot of poor swings, but I also hit the sweet spot of the club a bunch of times in a row (it’s hard to miss, it’s so big!).

The TM guys changed settings of the club head several times, and I could definitely tell the difference, especially which one I liked the look of more. I think I set up over the ball better than most drivers I’ve hit in the past. It just felt more comfortable and that’s one of the more important things, in my opinion.

As I mentioned on Thursday, the buzz over equipment at the show was all about the TaylorMade R11. With at least half the crowd standing in the line on late Friday afternoon, I waited around 15-20 minutes for my turn in the six-bay hitting area — and it was definitely worth it. After hitting like 100 balls, we finally figured out the right fit for me — 10.5 degrees, regular flex, ASP: open, FCT: neutral.

I currently have a Burner SuperFast in my bag (which I alternate with a Titleist 905r). My only issue with the the SuperFast is that it’s way too light. It’s a great club, but I like having some feel of the club head through the swing, especially because I already have the tendency to over-swing. Well, the solution? The R11!

As for the “all-white?” It looked fine to me looking down at the head and setting up over it, but I doubt it makes a huge difference for me, either way. I’ll hit anything, as long as I like the feel.