Shake and Jake
By Stephanie Wei under General

Peter Jacobsen entertaining the crowd at Demo Day

Writer Tony Dear is reporting from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

Former PGA Tour player, Ryder Cupper and present day entertainer, Peter Jacobsen, had them rolling in the aisles (well, the seats put up in the covered hitting area on the range at Orange County National GC) this morning when, together with trick shot artist Nico Bollini, he treated Demo Day attendees to a few impersonations from his impressive repertoire.

Technically, Jake was there to promote Cleveland’s new line of drivers, but while I can’t remember a single thing he said about the new clubs (I’m guessing they’re long and straight), I won’t soon forget his superb rendition of Tom Kite’s mannerisms and rather stiff-looking swing, the always hilarious Arnold Palmer follow-through, or his brilliant version of Doug Sanders’ reaction to missing the three-foot putt that would have won him the 1970 British Open at St Andrews (he lost the playoff to Jack Nicklaus).

His Chi Chi Rodriguez was spot-on too, but then everybody can do a decent Chi Chi Rodriguez. 
The only thing missing was Craig Stadler. Maybe I just turned up late and missed it. Or maybe the Walrus has had enough of Jacobsen making fun of his ample girth by pouring buckets of balls down his shirt.