Notes from Demo Day at the PGA Show
By Stephanie Wei under General

Range on Demo Day: the hundreds of exhibitors around the edge -- there were just as many on the other side, too!

Writer Tony Dear is reporting from the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

At some point it’s inevitable you’re actually going to see, hold and try some new equipment at the PGA Merchandise Show and so it was today. After chatting with Ed Several, watching Peter Jacobsen and Nico Bollini do their thing, grabbing a coffee and making a few phone calls, I actually went in search of some interesting new gear; not stuff that represented a small upgrade on last season’s model, you understand, but something that made me go: “What on Earth is that; does it actually work; I’ve not seen that before, and most importantly; wow, that looks cool.”
 I did find a couple of things of note.

First, an iron with a tiny head called ‘the Little One’ which is a training aid you use to promote better contact with your actual irons, and second, Boccieri Golf’s new Control Series Clubs. 
The Little One is made by a company called Pure Solid Perfect (PSP), which of course describes its product as ‘revolutionary.’ I’m not convinced any training aid has ever caused an actual revolution (does a heated, floodlit driving range count as a training aid?) but I’m pretty sure this could prove useful for improving one’s concentration and ball-striking. I didn’t actually hit it today because it was a bit cool and I didn’t want to take my jacket off, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I can actually hit the ball with it, and how far it will go if I do. It looks really strange up against the ball, really not very confidence-boosting. But then I suppose that’s the point.

I was interested in Boccieri Golf’s new line of clubs because I once tried its Heavy Putter (75g weight inserted into the top end of the shaft) , liked it, and have sort of followed the company’s progress ever since. I was especially interested a couple of years ago when it bought out the Heavy Putter Lite-Weight Series. Er, what now? Heavy Putter Lite-Weight? How does that work? Is it a heavier normal putter, or a lighter heavy putter? Or both?

Anyway, after some success with his putters and then wedges, Steve Boccieri wanted to complete the set by developing irons and woods. Thing is, with lightness all the rage now — lighter promotes greater clubhead speed, duh — how could he sell a driver with a 50g weight inserted into the top of the shaft? “It’s counter-balanced in such a way that you get the sensation of a D0 swingweight, with the mechanical advantage of a B6.”
 Oh, right then. That clears that up.

Seriously though, complicated physics and gearhead terminology aside, I really liked this club. I had a few swings with the driver (it had warmed up by now so I took my jacket off) and hit the ball almost as far as I do my current driver despite not having warmed up. And it flew quite a bit straighter too. 
Thing is though, if I put a Heavy Putter into play, along with the Heavy Wedges and the new irons, fairway woods and driver, I’m going to need a much lighter bag…or maybe a caddie.

Who knew the PGA of America had an official home appliance brand?