(Male) Nurse Get Screwed Over by Woods Scandal, Gets All Lawsuit-y
By Conor Nagle under Tiger Woods

What Hollywood has led me to believe male murses look like.

David Rothenberg was a nurse at Health Central, the Orlando hospital where an injured Tiger Woods was brought to recuperate in the wake of his earth-shatteringly major minor car accident in November 2009 (where does the time go?). He was fired in December of that year for allegedly (there’s that word again) using his computer terminal to access Tiger’s medical records. He’s not happy, though, and wants his job back, plus $400k.

The AFP has the details:

“My client wants to clear his name more than anything else [but not more than $400k, I’m guessing– C.],” said Michael Gort, Rothenberg’s attorney.

Rothenberg argues the evidence against him was circumstantial and that he left his computer terminal unattended and someone else logged in to peep at the golf star’s medical records.

“The biggest problem here is that the hospital did not secure its patient-care system,” Gort said.

What’s most interesting about the story is the news that Tiger registered at Health Central under the bizarre pseudonyms Ernest Smith and Ronald Williams, aliases with Christian names only marginally better than Eldrick.