Mickelson’s Love of Meat Too Strong to Deny
By Stephanie Wei under European PGA Tour

Mickelson's a part-owner of Five Guys, the burger joint (Photo via Devil Ball Golf)

What was the over/under that Phil Mickelson would stay a vegetarian? Come on, everyone knew Phil’s non-meat diet would never last, and certainly not past the holidays. He couldn’t turn down a healthy helping of turkey and roast beef. Mickelson, an investor of popular burger chain Five Guys, shocked the golfing world at the PGA Championship when he announced becoming a vegetarian to combat his psoriatic arthritis. Well, no longer! Speaking to the press in Abu Dhabi, Mickelson said he is back to chowing down meat, according to Reuters:

“I was a strict vegetarian for five months, and that went okay but ultimately, it was doomed to fail,” he told a news conference on Wednesday. “I learned a lot from that as far as eating habits and diet and so I’ve implemented a lot of the things from that.

“I continue to eat a lot more vegetables than I have in the past and I’m trying to have a better balance now than instead of all protein.

“But as far as the arthritis, that’s something that will never go away but I was fortunate. I was fortunate because I got on it right away.

“So the key for me now was getting on it right away before there was permanent damage to any joints or whatnot.”

By adding meat back into his diet, Meat-Lover Phil has regained strength:

“I had lost a lot of strength over the summer from some medications I took before I was really getting treatment,” he said.

“I was having difficulty getting that strength back, and so I have added protein back into my diet, and since then I’ve been able to get back to lifting weights and so forth to what I was lifting before.”

Oh, Phil, he truly is a fascinating figure — a misunderstood genius, perhaps. I’ve really started to enjoy him (not his cheesy thumbs-up) because we can never predict what Phil’s going to do next or what he’s got up his sleeve. So, what is next? Maybe he’ll quit gambling.

Never mind. Let’s be realistic. Now I’d love to know who Phil picked to win the Super Bowl…

(Photo via Devil Ball Golf)