Waialae Under Water: Round 1 of Sony Open Washed Out, Plan B Invoked
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Maintenance worker pumps out the mini-lakes that have developed at Waialae Country Club

Waialae Country Club was practically submerged under water on Thursday, according to PGA Tour officials. The opening round of the first full-field event of the season was postponed due to heavy rainfall the past few nights. Between Wednesday and Thursday, four inches of precipitation was recorded, turning the course into Lake Waialae or an extension of the Pacific Ocean just yards away.

Before sunrise, officials called a delay of four hours while maintenance workers tried to squeegie the greens and pump the standing water from the fairways. An hour later, they deemed the course and practice areas unplayable and pushed round one to Friday. When the announcement was made,  a mass exodus of players rushed to the parking lot.

Wednesday’s official pro-am was canceled, as well.

The course is very flat, so the water just sits because there’s nowhere for it to drain. It drizzled a little during the day, but the problem was the damage caused earlier in the week. Maintenance workers toiled away on Thursday, trying to prepare the course for the following morning.

With the practice facilities closed at Waialae, several PGA Tour rookies ventured to Ala Wai Municipal Golf Course to hit range balls. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

If all goes accordingly, players will tee off the No. 1 and No. 10 at 7:10am on Friday. The start of round 2 will begin on Saturday at the same time. Instead of top 70 and ties advancing at the tournament’s halfway mark, top 60 and ties will play 36 holes on Sunday. However, the top 70 and ties will still make official money. Of course, we’re assuming the weather holds up, which is looking optimistic at the moment.

Hope everyone enjoyed the rain day. Trust me, it beats a snow day because at least it’s still warm in Honolulu!