McIlroy Single for First Time in Six Years, Complains About Blisters
By Stephanie Wei under Twitter

Rory McIlroy's back on the market

It’s not what it sounds like unless you’re reading Lee Westwood’s Twitter feed, along with Rory McIlroy’s. Throw in the report that McIlroy recently split with his girlfriend of six years Holly Sweeney, then you may interpret it in a sophomoric way.

The Irish Herald‘s Caitlin McBride via Irish Golf Desk’s Brian Keogh writes:

The high profile pair began dating when he was just 16 and Holly was 14 in their native town of Holywood.

A source revealed that the pair called it quits because it simply wasn’t “working out”.

“He just felt things weren’t working out with all the time they spend apart and thought the fairest thing for them was to let it go,” the insider said.

In spite of being one of golf’s most promising talents with a multi-million euro income — he shunned the partying lifestyle, instead opting to spend his days off catching up with his parents or cozying up in his mansion with Holly.

McIlroy even famously stopped touring the US in order to stay based in Europe to be closer to his other half.

“Holly has another two years of uni’ and we have two dogs, a nice house and I love my life back in Ireland, back in Europe and I don’t ever want to give that up,” he said at the time.

Brainy beauty Holly managed to avoid the stereotypical WAG image by planning an independent career, and is currently studying for a degree in sports technology at the University of Ulster.

Next, please?

McIlroy is back to practicing after taking some time off, resulting in world’s No. 1 Westwood taking the piss. Here’s the banter, starting with McIlroy’s tweet on Tuesday:

@McIlroyRory: “First practice session of the year done! Made good progress in the first day so very happy! Not happy about the 3 blisters on my hands tho!”

@WestwoodLee: “@McIlroyRory I’ll leave all things left to you with that big hook! 3 blisters? You need to grip it a bit lighter!”

@McIlroyRory: “No tweeps I’m not gripping it too tight! I think blisters are inevitable when you haven’t gripped a golf club for 6 weeks!”

@McIlroyRory: “@WestwoodLee are you saying you can’t use your left??”

@WestwoodLee: “@McIlroyRory like I’ve told you before, length isn’t everything ! As the hair on your head clearly illustrates!”

@McIlroyRory: “@WestwoodLee you need that shot to win the masters you know! Think my swing speed is faster than yours so have to hold on a bit tighter :-)”

Manager Chubby Chandler chimed in and even retweeted a beauty from one of his followers:

@McIlroyRory are you lining up excuses ?? Looks like you’ve been washing dishes for 6 weeks !!!

@chubby6665 @mcilroyrory looks like it’s been 6 weeks with palm and her five sisters (via @srd1976)

Rory tweeted pictures of his battle wounds, which I’m not going to re-post because I can’t bear to look at them, but you can see them here and here. Methinks he needs to work on his grip!

The 21-year-old Ulsterman will kick off his season at the Dubai Desert Classic the last week of January.