What’s Your Fantasy? Who Cares. Join WUP’s Second Fantasy League
By Stephanie Wei under Balls in the Air

These ladies, who hail from Indonesia, are your official Fantasy League cheerleaders! Hooray!

Wait? Where are their pom poms? I considered breaking out my high school cheerleading uniform, poms and all, so I could cheer you all on, but these ladies just look too good (and are willing to show more skin). True professionals, clearly!

Apparently, there was much more demand to join the WUP Fantasy Golf League than I anticipated (which is a good thing, thanks, guys, for your support!). I couldn’t believe it when I started getting e-mails from numerous readers saying it was full — after just one afternoon! Woot woot!  I also didn’t know there was a limit on teams. Good thing there’s an easy solution to this problem.

Due to popular request, I’ve started another league! And I’m determined to fill that one up, too. After all, the more, the merrier. Tell your friends. Encourage them to join. Because we’re going to have fun. I’ll add some features to my weekly “Balls in the Air” column to improve the experience. Suggestions welcome.

*Okay, so here’s how you join the new WUP Fantasy Golf League:

1.) Go to Yahoo Fantasy Golf.

2.) Sign up to play and then it should give you the option to join a group. WUP’s Group 2 ID# is: 7380 and the Password is: maui.

3.) That’s all! (I think.) If you have any problems or questions, please e-mail me.

4.) I’ll try to come up with prizes — there will definitely be a year-end prize — but if any company wants to sponsor this (which would naturally include tons of advertising for your product), please e-mail me: steph[dot]wei @ gmail[dot]com


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