LPGA Tour Mistake Creates More Opportunities for Category 20 LPGA Q-School Grads
By Stephanie Wei under LPGA

Last week, there was some confusion over the status of several ladies who competed in LPGA Q-school to earn their card. Sarah Brown finished 44th at Q-School and was given Category 20 status. Under normal protocol, ladies that finished outside of 40th don’t receive this status.

According to ProGolfTalk’s Ryan Ballengee, Brown updated her Facebook status, saying she was extended LPGA Tour status in category 20 of their priority list, which is given to players who finished 31 through 40 at LPGA Q-School.

In an e-mail reply to ProGolfTalk, Brown said, “[The LPGA] did not explain to me why it was extended. I didn’t ask because I really didn’t care, I was just happy that they did!”

Heather Daly-Donofrio, LPGA Director, Media Relations, released the official LPGA statement via email to this website and others:

After reviewing the final results from the 2010 LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament, we decided that there was an opportunity to create a few more playing opportunities than we had accounted for in category #20 on the LPGA Priority List.  Although category 20 is not necessarily an opportunity to play in a large number of LPGA tournaments, it does give the players an opportunity to Monday qualify and, if they qualify, the ability to earn official money on the LPGA Tour.

The following players have been offered LPGA membership in category 20 on the 2011 LPGA Priority List: Ayaka Kaneko, Meredith Duncan, Tanya Dergal, Becky Brewerton, Jennifer Johnson, Junko Nakada, Jaclyn Sweeney, Lisa Ferrero and Sarah Brown”.

*Update: Jacklyn Sweeney told Ballengee that they were told the LPGA made a mistake and was granting more tour cards. “[LPGA Sr. Vice President Tournament Operations and Player Services Jane] Geddes said, ‘We made a mistake and are granting more [tour] cards,’” said Sweeney.