Aussie Golfer Perske Gets Jail Time for Cocaine Charge in Japan
By Stephanie Wei under General

Wayne Perske was convicted in Japan

Hey pro golfers, don’t do drugs, but especially don’t do them and get caught in Japan, where the anti-drug laws are beyond strict. Just possession of a banned drug, with no intent to distribute, can land the convicted seven years in jail!

Wayne Perske, who is originally from Brisbane, Australia, has received a suspended sentence for possessing and using cocaine. The Japanese court said the 36-year-old golfer received a year and six months in prison, suspended for three years.


Perske, who has played most of his professional golf in Japan in the past decade, was arrested in October for sniffing cocaine at a bar in Chiba, east of Tokyo. A customer at the bar alerted the police, leading to a search, where officers found 1.25 grams of cocaine in Perske’s pocket. (1.25 grams is equivalent to a few beers, maybe a six-pack.)

I interned at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office years ago, but I have a decent recollection of the NY Penal Code. And if memory serves me right, I don’t think 1.25 grams would even warrant jail time. Well, it might, but there’s so much “real” crime in Brooklyn that the offender would get a slap on the wrist. Perske was in Japan, where they take drug violations incredibly serious (but the Japanese black market sex industry that encourages raunchy fetishes, including underage girls? No problem!). Naturally, as a visitor in the country, he must respect their rules, albeit silly.

But, then there’s that whole thing where Perske shouldn’t have been doing drugs in the first place. It’s just unclear to me how cocaine would be beneficial to one’s golf game — which I don’t think was the case. Sounds like it was more of a recreational hobby for the Aussie, but unfortunately, possession and use of cocaine is a criminal offense.

Oh, hell, who knows what the kids are doing these days? I can’t keep up!