Men’s (Last-Minute) Gift Guide for Your Golfing Lady: No Sparkly Crap
By Stephanie Wei under Equipment

I know it’s a little late for holiday gift guides, but I also know there are still people who haven’t finished their shopping. And if you’re anything like me and my family, you procrastinate until December 23 to do the bulk of it.

Anyway, my taste may not represent the average golfing lady. I can’t stand sparkly, super girly stuff. I’m just not into a golf shirt that looks like my 8-year-old cousin took a BeDazzler to splatter rhinestones on. I cringe when I walk into golf stores because inevitably a nice salesperson will try to lure me into the corner filled with pink and glitter.

(Katie Baker, who happens to have been my college roommate, wrote a fantastic column on the predicament of lady sports lovers in NY Mag’s The Sports Section — which speaks to my feelings as a lady golfer, too.)

Thankfully, golf accessories and equipment can be unisex. (I’ve used men’s clubs for almost as long as I can remember.) Over the years, the clothes have gotten better, too. For a while, apparel companies seemed to cater to senior citizens and lovers of the bedazzled.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not being paid to endorse these products. (But I could be! See those areas on my blog that look fairly empty or at least replaceable, that could be your company’s ad.)

Without further rambling, let’s take a look at some gifts you or your golfing lady may like to find under the Christmas tree on Saturday.

Golf Slippers: Who doesn’t love slippers, especially in the winter? Just look at how comfortable and cute those things are! Naturally, the ladies pairs are pink, but unless you have super tiny feet like me (because they were bound, duh), you can get them in tan or black, too.

TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver: I’ve only played about four rounds with it and I’d like to compare it to my old new driver, but I think I’m in love. It’s super light and the sweet spot is so large that I’m not sure how you can miss it. Only complaint is that my ball flight is higher than I’d like — and it’s 9.5 degrees. Now, I’m dying to try the new Burner 2.0 irons. My step-dad can’t stop gushing about them. I’ve always used Callaway irons, but I’m open to suggestions…

Photo Ball Markers: You can put any picture/image on a ball marker. Makes a great stocking stuffer. Throw a photo of yourself on one for your wife, so she and her friends can admire how handsome you are on every green.

Scratch Golf Wedge: This wedge has changed my life. It might be my favorite club in my bag (close tie with driver). I never thought I’d say this, but chipping is actually fun! I can do more things with this 56 degree (that has as much functionality as a 60 degree) than I could when I actually practiced and played golf. You know a wedge is incredible when you pull off a shot on No. 7 at Pebble Beach that makes a seasoned caddie ask, “Is that legal?” Yep (as far as I’m aware)! It’s even got the smaller grooves. So much for the whole new grooves thing.

Adidas University Stand Bag: Remarkably lightweight to make the carry and walk more enjoyable. I’d been using a standless travel carry bag since college because of my back problems. This isn’t much heavier and you get the benefit of all the extra pockets, not to mention it’s FAS-TEK compatible (Fast Action Snap Technology, an innovative way to attach all the important things, like cigars and beer).

Wine Carrier Tote: From what I can tell on the internet, you can find a way to attach this tote to your golf bag and/or cart. It holds two bottles and the front of the bag is personalized with a monogram. Classy!

Swinging from My Heels, by Christina Kim and Alan Shipnuck: It’s a breezy, entertaining read for the holidays. As I wrote in April, “…offers an entertaining, candid and salty look at her life on the LPGA Tour. As she traverses the world playing golf, she documents her journey during the 2009 season — a pivotal coming-of-age year for her — with colorful anecdotes.” Related: Happy Hour With Two Asian Ladies and Watch CK talk about the book from the party in May.

Callaway Watch: So that you can make sure you keep the pace for a four-hour (or less) round. If you’re a watch wearer, then do you feel naked when you take it off to play golf? The one you wear daily isn’t always comfortable on the golf course. Plus, with all the outdoorsy crap you run into on the link, you don’t want to ruin it. Now this Callaway watch appears stylish and functional.

Tiffany Golf Club Charm Necklace: I said that I hate sparkly crap — with crap being the operative word — which naturally, excludes diamonds. I mean, golf club, diamonds and Tiffany, three of my favorite words, teaming up to make a necklace is almost too good to be true. The necklace is stylish and elegant to wear on the course and for drinks at the dive bar afterward. “A Tiffany gold charm tells a story.” What hypothetical story does this golf club charm tell? Golf means so much to this person’s life that they’d eat McDonald’s for a few months to buy it.

Maui Jim Aviator Sunglasses: I never wore sunglasses when playing golf because it would mess up my depth perception and it just never felt comfortable. But then, I tried a pair of Maui Jim. The lenses eliminate glare and you really can see better without worrying that you look like this. You can wear them during a round of golf and at the beach.


Merry Christmas!