What Westwood Wants for Christmas: an English Open
By Stephanie Wei under European PGA Tour

The world's No. 1 radiates as he lays next to a glittering Christmas tree

Lee Westwood has a great deal of national pride. The Englishman has remained a staunch loyalist to the European Tour, with the exception of a short stint when he split his time on the PGA Tour in 2004. Along with the assumption of prestige that goes with being the world’s No. 1 golfer, Westwood is a poster child for championing his home tour. But like all great relationships, nothing’s perfect.

Asked for the reason that there are only two European Tour events taking place in England in 2011, Westwood makes it clear that with the recent ascent of premier Englishmen, the European Tour should have a larger presence in his country.

“I can’t get my head around it. English golf has never been so strong, we have 10 world-class Englishmen and we should all be getting together and playing an English Open or a European Open in England, even if the European Tour has to fund it.

“If the Tour wants me to be an ambassador for an English Open then I am quite happy to do that.”

You hear that, Mr. Executive Director of the European Tour, George O’Grady?

With the Euro Tour losing many of its marquee players to the PGA Tour over the years, the recent rise of British stars is making the Euro Tour more elite and competitive on a world scale. No. 1 does have a point here —  the Englishmen should have a national championship. And good news for the Euro Tour is that Westy has offered to champion the cause.